An experience worthwhile! Throw away your clothes, luggage and ID. Leave everything behind and seize the day ...BE EGYPTIAN is all that it takes.

Embark on a life time journey and lose yourself in the rapture of a 10-days Winter Camp from the 22nd of January to the 1st of February 2012 touring Egypt in a snap without a Guide or a Map! Don’t miss the chance of visiting 3 of Egypt’s top cities. 

See the wander of the streets in Cairo & witness its Islamic and Coptic aspects, discover the Greco Roman civilization Of Alexandria, Take a sun tan, Swim In the pure water & Relax in the Bedouin atmosphere of Siwa and marvel of the greatness of the Ancient Egyptians with the antiques.

The Camp will be completely  FREE sponsored by the government & OMA; this is for Propagation of Egypt's amazing culture & the revival of the Egyptian tourism after the latest events in Egypt.

Egypt is going through a transitional phase and is definitely in a dire need of worldwide support and the super powers to ensure the application of democracy and freedom. One of the consequences of the Revolution is the decline of tourism, A huge part of the Egyptian income is out of tourism thus reviving it will definitely help the Egyptian society to stand on its feet again. The reinforcement of tourism will aid Egypt in its development which is an indispensable key factor in enhancing world peace in one aspect and helping the world to become a better place in the other aspect.

Ignore all the feelings of unfamiliarity from your heart and breathe the friendliness in Egypt's air. Always put in mind that you are not an ordinary tourist, In fact you are not anymore; one at all. NOW YOU ARE ONE OF US!

Egypt… A Never ending Story … A Golden Gate for Entertainment. 
Welcome to the cradle of cultural diversity. This is an invitation for you to become a beacon of culture in your country. Come and unravel the mystery of seven thousand years of Civilization, delve deeply in a well of history that knows no limit and marvel at one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

Not only an antique land. Egypt offers much more! 
You feel that you need an escapade from everyday stress? You are too busy to contemplate and relax? Then there's nothing better than our ageless oasis with a breathtaking Bedouin aroma. There is more; desert adventures, splendid water springs and magnificent sceneries. If you are a sea loving person, Egypt is also the answer! Indulge yourself in the magic of a true oriental night and relish our famous Egyptian dishes. A great story is waiting for you!.

Latest News

  • Registration

    On October 24, 2011, the registration for CAWC 2012 has been launched; Check your eligibility, Promote for Egypt's Culture & Tourism and Apply Now!

  • Evaluation

    Please click “allow” when you log in to your profile in facebook from our web-site, 20% depends on the online activity on Facebook to promote for Egypt's culture and tourism in your profile, youth & touristic groups/pages. The remaining 80% will be on your CV and Application form

  • Deadline

    Deadline for application 1st December 2011!

  • Date of Selection

    Participants will be notified by 6th December 2011

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وزارة الاثار
Ministry Of Culture, Foreign Cultural Relations