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CAWC (Civilization Ambassadors Winter Camp Egypt) is a 7-days international camp for worldwide youth hosted by OMA (Oyoun Masr Association for Cultural & Social Development) , It's about surfing the whole Egypt, Discovering its secrets and being an ambassador for the Egyptian Culture, Tourism and Civilization in your School/University, City & your country as a whole.


Advisory Board

Administrative Board

Welcome Package includes:

  1. 1. A map and books about Egypt and luxurious printings.
  2. 2. Souvenir signatures note book & Winter Camp's 2014 Pin.
  3. 3. Discount Vouchers.


You Will Get:

  1. 1. A private email address (*****@cawcegypt.com)
  2. 2. An Egyptian & Pharoanic hand made accessories workshop.
  3. 3. Visits include amazing places as the Great Pyramids and El-Azhar; the first and the oldest university in the world plus lot of surprises
  4. 4. A family night in an Egyptian house, international food and a dance party ;)
  5. 5. A visit to Ministry of foreign affairs; you are a representative for the ministry of foreign affairs in your country!
  6. 6. A meeting with the Egyptian Ambassador in your country after returning, who will provide you with all printings and any kinds of help which you require to do your job as an ambassador for the Egyptian Civilization.
  7. 7. Getting the entrance visa to Egypt for FREE form Egypt embassies abroad or upon arrival at Cairo airport.
  8. 8. A Totally free accommodation and 3 meals per day.


Benefits for being an ambassador:

According to following up and applying the ideas which resulted in the workshops to flourish the Egyptian tourism and culture in the participants’ countries, the implementation of cultural activities and events will start in their countries.

The target will be organizing at least 5 big events to promote/Spread the Egyptian culture, with the aid of the Egyptian Tourism offices abroad, Egyptian embassies and registered volunteers in their countries if they exist there.

In return, every Ambassador will have the opportunity to win A cultural trip to Egypt to attend the annual ambassadors meeting in May to Celebrate the World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development, Also he/she will have the priority to be chosen to attend conferences and exhibitions organized by OMA in Egypt or in any other partner country in many fields as tourism, youth exchanges and intercultural dialogues … etc.

About The Founder

  • Mostafa Abbas
    Freelancer, The Founder, Head of OMA, Member of Supreme Council of Culture, Vice-Secretary General of Alexandria Council of Culture and General supervisor of CAWC. 
  • mostafa@oyounmasr.com

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  • Evaluation

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  • Deadline

    Deadline for The Musical Bands and The Participants 10th August 2014!

  • Selection Date

    The Musical Bands and the Participants will be notified by 11th August 2014!

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