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Language and courses

Q1: What Language proficiency should I have?

All the courses will be given only in English and the participants should have a good command of English in order to be able to follow the lectures, participate in class discussions and complete written assignments. Arabic Language will be an advantage.

Q2:Does the civilization ambassadors winter camp offer language courses?

During the winter camp, the participants have a possibility to learn the Arabic language.

Q3:Will I receive a certificate after the winter camp?

Yes, after the winter camp you will receive a certificate.

Participation Fees

Q1:What are the participation fees?

Participation is for free for Musical Bands and for the Participants each one must pay 40 Euros, depending on evaluating the application form and evaluating applicants’ help for the Egyptian freedom, tourism and culture. You will have to pay your own airline tickets.

Q2:What will you get for free?

  1. 1. Hotel accommodation in Cairo and Alexandria.
  2. 2. Lectures and workshops.
  3. 3. Three meals per day.
  4. 4. Visits and field trips.
  5. 5. Social program.
  6. 6. Attendance Certificates of being a Civilization Ambassador for Egypt.

Package includes:

  1. 1. A map and books about Egypt and luxurious printings.
  2. 2. Souvenir signatures note book and Egyptian ambassador's pin.
  3. 3. Discount Vouchers.

You will have:

  1. 1. A private email address ????@cawcegypt.com
  2. 2. An Egyptian & Pharaonic hand made accessories workshop.
  3. 3. Visits include amazing places such as the Great Pyramids and El-Azhar the first and oldest university in the world, and a lot of surprises.
  4. 4. A family night in an Egyptian house, international food and dance party
  5. 5.visit to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, cause you are a representative for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in your country!!
  6. 6. A meeting with the Egyptian Ambassador in your country after returning, who will provide you with all printings and any kinds of help which you require to do your job as an ambassador for the Egyptian Civilization.
  7. 7. Getting the entrance visa to Egypt for FREE form Egypt embassies abroad or on arrival at Cairo Airport.

Venues and participants

Q1: Q1: Where will the courses take place?

The main venue for seminars and workshops will be Alexandria Culture Center in Alexandria and Supreme Council of Culture in Cairo.

Q2: What kind of accommodation is offered to CAWC participants?

All the participants will stay in several special locations in Cairo and Alexandria. 
The room consists of bed, table, chairs and Clothes Wardrobe. A bathroom, shared by 2 participants, has a toilet and a shower. Linen, bedding and a towel will be provided, but we recommend bringing your personal towel. Wireless Internet is also available.

Q3: How many participants will be in CAWC and from where?

There will be nearly 100 participants in the winter camp. The participants represents Musical Bands & Cultural organizations from all over the world.

Q4:Should I bring my laptop or where can I use one?

Some computers will be provided in the hostel. However, since the winter camp topic is connected with communications, we advise you to bring your own laptop as it will make it much easier for you to follow the courses and do individual tasks.


Q1: When is the application deadline?

The application Deadline for The Musical Bands is 25th July 2014 and the Deadline for The Participants is 10th August 2014. However, the earlier you apply the better.

Q2: What's the difference between applying as a volunteer & as a participant?

If you are eligible to travel to another country, attend CAWC program & fulfill its workshops. SO, Apply as a participant but check you eligibility! But if you can't travel abroad in the meantime; admitted to the military, busy at the camp date or something like that. Then You can apply as a volunteer which is open throughout the year & it will be an advantage in your application for the next version of CAWC; which will be held annually on Sept. & Jan.


Q1: Will someone come and meet me at the airport?

You will have to fill in and e-mail us a special arrival form; we will try to meet you at the airport and take you to the hotel.

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