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Music Band Application

Contact details
Contact details of the person in charge
Please answer the following questions (Yes/No):
Does your orchestra/band/ensemble have a professionally published CD/DVD?
If yes, are you interested in selling them on the spot?
Are you able to give a 45 minute workshop to other musicians?
Are you interested in performing more concerts outside Alexandria?
Are there any other activities that you would like to present that could contribute to the educational, social or artistic dimension of the festival? (if yes please describe them in the comments section below)
Would you be interested in performing a joint piece with all the Festival participants?
Are you ready to spread the Egyptian culture in your country?
Do you agree on putting the label of the project "CAWC" in your festivals, concerts, websites and materials such as T-shirts........etc.?
Do you have a high quality photo of your ensemble/group/band/orchestra to be attached with this application form?
Could you send a recent recording of your ensemble/group/band/orchestra with this application form (max 5 tracks)? (links in an attached file)
Please mention some of your recent performances (2012-2014)