Practical Info

In this section you’ll find important information regarding your daily needs during your stay in Egypt like Services and Transportation.
In addition to some Arabic phrases whish may be helpful with Egyptians Useful Arabic phrases.


Bank &Money

Egypt's currency is the Egyptian Pound (L.E) and Piaster (1 L.E = 100 Piasters). 
Egyptian currency is fully convertible; there are no limits for exchanging Money in Egypt. You can exchange your currency in banks or money exchange offices.

Check currency rates


It is possible to buy a prepaid card for the mobile phone. There are three companies that offer pre-paid cards: Vodafone, Mobinil and Etislalat. The pre-paid cards can be bought everywhere.


If you want to send a postcard or a letter, place it in the blue post boxes attached to the buildings on the streets.Mail is collected daily, except Friday.


Mosques are everywhere in Egypt and most of the population are Muslims. There are also many ancient mosques. Religion difference is not an obstacle at all for Egyptians or Egypt's guests, on contrary it’s a kind of enrichment and empowerment for the Egyptian society.


Churches are everywhere in Egypt (Orthodox, Evangelic and Catholic). Christians perform their beliefs and rituals freely & completely safe. The majority of Christians in Egypt is Orthodox. 
Egypt is also characterized by having many of the ancient churches of the Holy Family route.



There are so many public Libraries and publishing agencies full of books and newsletters in many languages.

Egypt is famous for Bibliotheca Alexandrina which is the most modern library in Egypt with internet coverage for free (and WiFi for laptops as well). 

Literature in the library is mostly up to date and in English, but most of periodicals and newspapers are in Arabic.

Medical Service & Pharmacy "Saydalya in Arabic"

Drugstores are so many all over the way. If you have health problems, please contact CAWC staff and they will help you to find an appropriate doctor



There are two kinds of local transportation in Egypt; bus and microbus. The Local bus is rather good in working hours and in the early evening, but in the early morning and the late evening the traffic is rather infrequent. The buses do not work between 1:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m. The bus schedule, you can find it at the bus stops. 

Try not to miss the right stop, because the drivers do not say which stop it is. The Microbus works frequently and in a rate more than the buses and it's faster too. The ticket for one ride will cost you 1.5 Pound (L.E). You can buy it there. Keep your ticket because there is a periodic supervisor for the tickets.


You can go straight for a taxi if you see it or call it by Phone. The usual price for a ride in the territory of Cairo/Alexandria is 10 or 15 Pounds (L.E) and you should not pay more. Set the price before you go is case you take the white and black taxi but in case you took the white and yellow one. There will be an electronic counter for the cost starting from 2.5 L.E.


There are many Air conditioned Train lines covering most of Egypt. Main Stations are (Sidi-Gaber) & (Masr) in Alexandria and (Ramsis) in Cairo. There are also sleeping trains covering Upper Egypt daily, Ask for the schedule in Train stations.


You may rent a bike from so many places,
1 hour – 5 L.E
1 day – 25 L.E

Other information


Egypt is a safe country where you will find Police cars mostly everywhere in addition to police stations in every district. 

After all, BE Careful; don't go anywhere with someone you don’t know until you contact the Camp organizers first & ask them. 

Note Note that the Ambassadors of Tourism and the Egyptian Civilization will be accompanied by a police patrol in all of their visits and activities.

We advise you to boil the tab water or buy mineral water if you find the water from the tab isn't palatable.


Fire Station and Rescue Service: call 180, Police: call 122 & Ambulance: call 123
*For free of charge from any phone.


  • Hi! or Ciao … Salamo alekoo (Most common)
  • Good- morning … Sabah el kheer
  • Good- evening … Masaa el kheer
  • Bye- bye … Salam!
  • Good- night … Tesbah ala kheer
  • Please … Men fadlak
  • Thank you … Shokran
  • Excuse me … Baad eznak
  • I am searching for… Ana badawar ala
  • How can I go to … ezay arooh le
  • Left … Shemal
  • Right … Yemen
  • Straight … Ala tool
In the shop:
  • I would like to buy … Ayez ashtry
  • Food … Akl
  • Cigarettes … Sagayer
  • Beer … Beeraa
  • Sweets … Halaweyat
  • Fruits … Fak ha
At the party:
  • What is your name? … Esmak eh?
  • You look great! … Enty gameela awy!
  • What is your telephone number? … Rakamek kam?
  • Haven’t we met before? … Ehna et abelna abl kda?
  • I love you … Bahebek

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