Terms and Conditions

As a participant/musical band/volunteer you have to follow the terms and conditions mentioned below:
  • The flag: respecting the Egyptian flag and not to misuse it in any way and to ensure its integrity.


  • Activities: organizing many activities whether online or offline in your country; artistic, social & sports events. Moreover you will help in flourishing the Egyptian tourism and culture in the participated countries. As you will apply and follow up the ideas presented in the workshops in order to implement the cultural activities. The main target is to organize at least 5 big events to promote the Egyptian Culture with the aid of the Egyptian Tourism offices abroad, the Egyptian embassies if they do exist in your country and the registered volunteers in your country.    


  • The Egyptian Community in your country: Getting to know it closely and to know more about the opportunities for potential mutual cooperation and execute them.


  • Embassies and Consultants: Contacting Egyptian embassies and consultants in addition to Cultural Centers and General Authority of Queries aiming at sustainable cooperation.


  • Agreement Duration: The participant will sign an agreement valid for one year and it will be only renewed automatically by OMA, by keeping CAWCers updated information on the website: www.CawcEgypt.com/Cawcers 


  • Agreement Termination: In case the CAWCer doesn't prove commitment to the Civilization Ambassador goals and values; OMA has all the rights to send him/her e-mail notifying him/her about terminating agreement. 


  • Copyrights: The information about your participation in CAWC program and the images taken during the program is one the rights of the association. As it has the right to publish them electronically or any publications without reference to the ones shown in them or belonging to them. 

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  • Evaluation

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  • Deadline

    Deadline for The Musical Bands and The Participants 10th August 2014!

  • Selection Date

    The Musical Bands and the Participants will be notified by 11th August 2014!

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