Volunteering in CAWC program is open for all the nationalities and ages without any age limit or conditions through evaluating your participations with us (Online & Offline). You can be an ambassador For The Egyptian culture and tourism in your country and you will have the opportunity to visit Egypt in the next camps or meetings however your age is, or what your nationality is;

Gain Experience and develop your skills by joining as a volunteer in CAWC Egypt, as Egypt witnesses new era since the revolution of 25th Jan, Join and support freedom and spread the culture of peace and development worldwide through this culture exchange.

For you as a volunteer you can work in an environment that emphasizes trust and freedom, and act in an ethical and professional manner with each other either volunteers or ambassadors.

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  • Registration

    On July 10, 2014, CAWC 2014 Registration has been launched; Check your eligibility, Promote fo...

  • Evaluation

    20% depends on the creative ideas to promote Egypt's culture and tourism in your country. The rem...

  • Deadline

    Deadline for The Musical Bands and The Participants 10th August 2014!

  • Selection Date

    The Musical Bands and the Participants will be notified by 11th August 2014!

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